Rave Reviews

The most important part of our job is to bring great service to each customer who walk through our doors.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to others rave about FUN at Midland Family Bowl!

“I had a very fun time at this location, and I am very likely to return and invite my friends. The customer service was excellent. The food and drinks were fantastic.” August 4, 2017

“The food was fantastic! I’ve never had a quesadilla from a snack bar that was so flavorful with grilled veggies and moist grilled chicken. The food was hot and freshly prepared, and it surpassed my expectations.” May 21, 2017

“This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at this location. Nothing could be improved with the quality of service that I received. The staff was helpful and willing to do anything to make our visit memorable. The food and the bar drinks were wonderful and above our expectations.” March 2, 2017

“Every person that I contacted in the facility was polite. They went above and beyond to give customers a family friendly entertainment experience. While I was playing a game in the arcade, there was a child who was screaming and could not be comforted by his parent. I will remember the look on the child’s face when, after asking the parent if it was OK, the DJ gave the kid a lollipop. The fact that the DJ noticed the situation and found a way to help out shone brightly.” February 23, 2017

“We had a lot of fun here. It was our first time, and we would definitely go back to play again. I thought the food was excellent, so we would eat here again. The team members were upbeat, personable and helpful.” January 15, 2017

“It’s always a great time when I go! Everyone is so friendly and smiling. I loved spending New Year’s with you guys! Thank you for a great time.” January 1, 2017

“We had tons of fun and want to go again. Can’t wait. Was great being there for Cody’s 13th birthday.” October 24, 2016

“I made a lot of friends and joined a bowling team. Really cool place!” September 3, 2016

“Super fun family time! Staff was amazing and friendly! Made our afternoon in Fort Smith a wonderful time.” July 30, 2016

“All of the staff we interacted with were more than willing to help, with everything we asked. We will definitely be going back several times this summer and in the future. It is very kid friendly and it is overall a great place for the family.” June 29, 2016

“I went with a couple of friends on Thursday. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the entire place. There is a fantastic snack bar with vegetarian options, as well as a good selection of beer.” December 12, 2015